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Facility Dog Program

facility dog


A Facility Dog is a professionally trained dog who works alongside a professional in a service capacity to assist other people. Typical situations in which a Facility Dog works include Victim Service Offices, Police Stations, Court Houses, and other agencies. The dog receives two years of training before being placed and is a graduate from an accredited, nonprofit dog training facility. 


Victim Services Niagara (VSN) Facility Dog Program consists of an Accredited Facility Dog owned and trained by Autism Dogs Services (ADS). Axel is a specialty trained dog donated by ADS to support Victim Services Niagara's clients for the duration of his working years. 

With the assistance of a VSN Program Coordinator Axel, provides calming, grounding and cathartic touch for those experiencing stress or crisis reactions due to grief or trauma. Axel is a good icebreaker In difficult situations and can act as tool for individuals who struggle to communicate. VSN Program Coordinators may offer Axel to clients when in-person appointments are scheduled. There is a screening process to ensure the safety of clients and the Facility Dog. If accepted, Axel will attend the appointment with the Scheduled Program Coordinator.

The Facility Dog consists currently of one handler who cares for him 24/7, transports him, maintains his training, and monitors his overall health and wellbeing. 

For more information about the Facility Dog Program please email info@victimservicesniagara.on.ca